F&B Information at your Fingertips

F&B Information at your Fingertips

Food Central is dedicated to leading the Malaysian community to better food handling, restaurant operations and systems controls & flows of all F&B activities performed either at home or commercially. With its list of experienced, creative but young Innovation-aspired Chefs inspiring a better foundation to the success of food and beverages in Malaysia, Food Central is formed to extensively support the ever-growing success of young chefs here in Malaysia.

Malaysia is looking at many chefs today in its own land growing to a success – Bearing one of the best in Asia. Other than just beautiful platters and mouth-watering beefing of foods, these Chefs strive to provide the best out of nothing.

Food Central is a free-for-all organization supporting citizens from different continents, countries and regions to the success of Food Science. Not literally, but in a pattern where succeeding of its intelligence is attained. All for more, Food Central provides guidance, tips, information, opinions and suggestions from people all around the world with related questions and topics regarding Food and Beverage.

Feel free to chip in ideas and read along or pass these information to your friends or family should you feel it’s informational to them in some sorts. Where applicable, Food Central will answer topics, questions and problems regarding anything with food, management, restaurants, home and of sorts.

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Feel free to drop us a line at our Contact Area.


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