Don’t burn food and call it a star


Mom, why are these scrambled eggs dry?

The more people we serve, the better our knowledge is, the fresher our stocks are, the higher the turnover rate, the longer the accounts go, the more invoices and receipts our restaurant have. But if we come to the understanding of a particular something which we’re so good of, there could be no problem in handling almost anything. Creativity strikes, the garnishing looks different, and bah, there you go.

But what if, you have no idea?
In the first place, the menu item would not be there.

Wait, what about the replacement Chef who knows nothing about the new menu implemented?
There is always the Standardized Recipe.

So what the hell would be the problem?

Probably one of the most common problems we face in the kitchen industry here in Malaysia is ignorance. I wouldn’t doubt other places would, too, like the beautiful France and famous Australia, but in Malaysia, ignorance about quality is the key concern – Especially when there is no strong leadership in the kitchen.

Let’s take the topic as an example:

“Mom, why are the scrambled eggs moist?”

There two levels to scrambled eggs:

  1. Moist
  2. Dry

Some would prefer moist, and some would prefer dry. Take aside the intensity of moist and dry at the moment. The three ways of preparing scrambled eggs are:

  1. Microwave oven with constant stirring.
  2. Small fire over a skillet.
  3. Steaming it high, mashing it hard.

Nevertheless, a restaurant is supposed to serve foods to tantalize people’s tastebuds, not so focused on spreading the culture as this will be way off in the business sense. We wouldn’t want to shoo them off because we stand still in our stronghold – For example: “I come here to spread the ITALIAN way of EATING, COOKING, and you MALAYSIANS are to FOLLOW or; piss off.”

Leadership, kitchen culture, restaurant culture, and training is very important. Let them be your benchmark.


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