The Kitchen: Tap Water vs Mineral Water


Tap Water for my soup? Oh my God!

Have you ever had that problem? Probably the soup feels weird, the poached fish tasted funny, or probably your iced water drink tastes as if it is been left there for years? Yes, it could be. And for a bartender to ‘portray’ to his consumers that he takes water from the tap is simply ridiculous. It could be so tormenting to the customer that he/she could reject the drink right away. Malaysian water may not be as famous for dirt as to India’s water, but it’s still bad enough to get you a stomach ache for unfiltered water.

Restaurants should always have this rule: The water from your tap should be as clean as you can drink it right away. And it needs to be filtered. And the filter catridge needs to change every now and then. Commercial kitchens fail to see little things like this, and this could have adverse effect on the quality of your food, and the health of your customers.

Should I still use tap water?

For ease and convenience, yes. Always keep in mind that most kitchens out there use tap water for cooking -And they do it all the time. But always remember that most of them out there have a water filter installed. My concern here is:

  1. Is the water filter catridge maintained and changed often?
  2. Do kitchen staffs misuse tap water?
  3. Does your HACCP plan include water cleanliness to this level?
  4. Is your tap head maintained well and changed at least once in 6 months?
  5. Are you using a medium (rubber pipes) to transfer from tap head to your pot? If yes, how clean is that?
  6. Do you separate dishwashing area from your preparation area, or area they nearby each other?
  7. Is your soap food-friendly?
  8. Does your water filter filters out chlorine to a level where it cannot be detected by tongue before and after cooking?
In certain kitchens, there are two tap heads for a sink, or one tap head with two handles – Hot and cold water. Sometimes, the heating agent that produces hot water is not filtered – And most of the time when hot water is taken directly from the main pipe, it’s disastrous. Water filters should always be placed on the main, big pipe and also filters for each faucet available in the kitchen, just for double safety.
You have to answer that question for yourself, and until you decide whether it’s relevant or not to use mineral water for cooking, you tell me.

You must be crazy, suggesting mineral water for commercial kitchens

Not really. Commercial kitchens range from sizes, menu, utilities and food business profile. It’s particularly expensive to get mineral water for all your cooking, but in certain kitchens, mineral water is used for poaching, soups, steaming, beverages, dairy products mix and sauces.

Some argue that heating up the water element would probably do enough good to destroy all the minerals – And mineral water should only be used for drinking.

Food Central Recommends:

Well, Food Central would argue and say, “For Garde Manger, it’s more than important. Nobody wants their Teppan Sauce tasting like chlorine or filtered water. Cold marinades, uncooked cold soups and acid-based cooking count too. If you cannot finish using your mineral water for all your cold sauces or soups, then give them to the bartender. After a few weeks, you should be able to gauge how much mineral water you need to order for your kitchen operations.”

One Response to “The Kitchen: Tap Water vs Mineral Water”

  1. 1 Outback

    Mineral water? Way overated. I do some work with the American Chemistry Council and know that tap water has been chlorinated in U.S. water supplies for 100 years, but did any of you know that? Doubtful, I’d say. I think tap water is perfectly fine.

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