Von Cook

Von Cook

Chef Profile

Position: Chef de Partie
Job Scope: Restaurant Operations Manager, Pundit Writer, Food Consultant
Kids: None, Single and Straight
Specialty: French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian, Portuguese
Area Specialty: Soups, Sauces, Rice, Management
Wine Drinker: Daily Routine
Extra-curricular: Personal Chef Trainer

He’s now not cooking for the love or for the cash, but rather for the society which went so wrong.

Von Cook

Von Cook

As much as Von Cook loves cooking, Von Cook is also a graduate in the IMI, the Swiss Hotel and Tourism School which is also reputed as one of the best Hotel Management Schools in the world. A recent graduate no more, Von Cook ventures out into the field ploughing farms and knitting doughs for famous brands and international food chains restaurants.

Von Cook is known for his canning ability to perfectly visualize just the very basic of Culinary Arts, implement his own ideas of food and management knowledge then broadcasting his natural talents in this food field. Food Central acquired him one day when he attended Singapore’s food fair back in 2007, knowing him for his French-slang and great expense of food knowledge. Von Cook portrayed his food & kitchen skills and knowledge so nonchalantly that he impressed one of Food Central’s directors, who is also in Singapore for the event.

Knowing what’s best for himself, being very independant in whatever he do, Von

Cook took pride in following his passion for improvement – Rectify the problem and give it a slap of creativity. Cook introduced many food methodologies in Food Central that are very much implemented in our close kitchen today. During the end of 2008, where a crowd of 2000 people were served in a 30-man kitchen, Von Cook managed the whole event without sweat, and came back home with his knife and brains to further improve Food Central’s organisation growth.

Despite his young (maybe middle) age, Cook has passionately delivered one of the best solutions any Malaysian Chef could ever offer – The love for food drowned in creativity and worldwide mixes of talent. Cook has certainly brought Food Central far, and is now authoring Food Central’s online educational portal dedicated to Chefs around Malaysia.


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