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Chef in Training Food Central encourages its students to cook for the family – More of like preparing a whole set of home menu that they’ve planned, maintain control over, brainstormed, understand its viability, performed costing, set up taste-control & create an ambient out of it. Basically, it’s more of painting a thousand words for […]

Thickening Agents – Roux Roux has been used in the Culinary industry for a long period of time up to date. Not only it’s practical to its usage, roux is also very useful in terms adding flavor to soups or sauces. There are many stipulations to Roux as there is with politics today, as this […]

Pickling Foods – Guide to Pickles Pickles are great food accompaniments to certain food products – At least we think so. Whether it’s going to be black olives on your Cream Cheese baguette or Gherkins on your McDonalds burger patty, once it’s practical, it’ll always be practical. Pickles are easy to make and lasts very […]

Know your foods, cook them right A lot of us are often given blurred visions of certain food preparation techniques that we forget many vital processes; thanks to commercialized quick-to-eat food products that make us want to pop them in the oven and voila! There are certain kitchen/cooking metrics that we Food Central do not […]

Save up on that buffet dinner At home or in the restaurant, we see buffet dining everywhere. Let’s not limit it to buffets like Jogoya, the Japanese buffet that many of us feel its extrinsic and exquisite value. Today, we also consider things like buffet dinner at home, beefing up juices for the perfect buffet, […]

How to plan a Food menu at home No, planning your weekly home menu isn’t tedious work. It’s actually fun, informational and that stimulates creative thinking. If you feel this is not your kind of thing, by all means give it a small go — Maybe plan for one or two days to serve one […]