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Oh dang, burnt. Yes – Burnt foods can hurt and smell bad. Especially when it’s rotting in your pot, waiting for it to be transferred elsewhere. Today, one of our apprentices burnt her pièce de résistance – Soupe de Legumes. With the heavy-bottomed pan producing small holes of the burnt soup on its surface, it […]

Thickening Agents – Roux Roux has been used in the Culinary industry for a long period of time up to date. Not only it’s practical to its usage, roux is also very useful in terms adding flavor to soups or sauces. There are many stipulations to Roux as there is with politics today, as this […]

What alternatives to common food seasoning? When we talk about food seasoning, we always refer to common food seasoning like salt, pepper, chicken powder, monosodium glutamate (MSG) or Ajinomoto (it’s a brand name), white pepper, fish stock powder, etc. However, there are always ways to enjoy hot & cold, sweet and savory foods without the […]

Flavored Oil Flavored oil has been around for a while now. While many restaurants still prefer using olive oil to flavored oils, there have been buzzes about ‘healthy’ oil, which most of the time points to oils that contain less saturated fats or none at all. Food Central won’t be looking at healthy food alternatives […]

Know your foods, cook them right A lot of us are often given blurred visions of certain food preparation techniques that we forget many vital processes; thanks to commercialized quick-to-eat food products that make us want to pop them in the oven and voila! There are certain kitchen/cooking metrics that we Food Central do not […]

Save up on that buffet dinner At home or in the restaurant, we see buffet dining everywhere. Let’s not limit it to buffets like Jogoya, the Japanese buffet that many of us feel its extrinsic and exquisite value. Today, we also consider things like buffet dinner at home, beefing up juices for the perfect buffet, […]

What duties should a Head Chef practice? All of us loves going to fancy restaurants, being serve by wondrous service staff and beautiful platters of food. Many times, the amount of DOLLARS in our pocket are keeping us away from these robust-looking, exquisite ambient, fancy restaurants. Besides, foods presented to us so nonchalantly beautiful made […]

In many communities around the world, Ice Cream serves a staple to many people – Either it’s consumed twice a week or twice daily. There are many varieties to ice cream that we can see today; mainly creamy ones. In Malaysia, we can see sorts of ice cream around us everyday – Not to mention […]

Over-salting soups can be disastrous – Especially when healthy food is prepared; you don’t want to appall your guests by serving them under-textured soups (thick to thin), overcooked ingredients or splitting cream. When cooking, always measure the size of your serving to the logic of your mind to the guests – Are they health conscious […]

Your trash is your gold. Use them. Whenever you have peeled, trimmed, sliced or removed unwanted parts of vegetables, they are your source of ‘sweetness’ in chicken stock. Never waste them – Tie them up in a bundle and place them into your chicken stock. Also, you may want to include leftovers like “vegetables soaked […]