Deep search into the GOOD seating


Great seating or Good seating?

There are many things even great Restaurateurs could forget – A simple touch of service and the balance of good service to a great one. What probably differs good from great is the ‘term’ itself, as feedback would probably be the most important  thing in determining whether or not the service staff is really doing their work. On the other side of the viewpoint, it could also mean ‘The Designers‘ and also ‘Manager’ of the restaurant. Let’s take a look at what Food Central is discussing today.


In restaurants where there are only 1 particular set of seating, this would not be much of a problem – As they speak for themselves. But main restaurant players have been ignorant of this for a very long time. Not only comfort for the eyes from the polished environment, beauty to the feel from the excellent garnish, tangy to the tongue from the robusty-flavored Fillet Mignon, or tasteful to the class of the butlers with smooth gestures and fantastic outfit.

Seating is one of the major problems many customers today face – When they’re not comfortable with that particular chair and table, they probably won’t be there for long. Definitely no second time if there is another more comfortable seating.

In clubs and bistros where the kitchen is open all the way till midnight, comfort is crucial. Let’s not argue about the fact that we need high seating turnovers for that particular day – Customers would chow and leave, allowing another set of consumers to seat and order their food. We’re not talking about quick rotation of cafés and fast food outlets here, but rather restaurants that need to pamper their customers.

Although there is a science to tables and chairs being measured and built in a particular standard of height to adapt the general public’s height, there has been concerns about the comfort and pattern of seating that are too extreme in terms of positioning, height, backbone support, leg rest and material.

Factors affecting seating

Many of us could understand that seating is crucial – Whether or not we’re going to be sitting there for 30 minutes or an hour. When you’re planning a restaurant design, designing your interiors or simply making a purchase for your home makeover, consider these factors:

  1. Color

    Many of us do not realize that color can make a huge difference. Looking at places like McDonalds and KFC, there’s a reason to why their chairs are designed to such – Small, fairly uncomfortable with not much of a padding, plain design and has fairly brighter colors. Colors affect people’s thinking indirectly, and has been proven to be stimulators of the mind – That’s why many drool over good food. Similar to seating, a bright red color could have a direct opposite effect from the pale beige one.

  2. Cushion

    Cushion seating could be your prime choice if you’re looking to satisfy your guests a little more. Although there will be extra comfort, but they should not be used in any occasion. It’s best to avoid using comfortable cushion seats in a family restaurant, or using a very cheap cushion seat in a semi fine dining restaurant.

  3. Ratio of Height (Table to Chair)

    Sofas would probably be your worst enemy. When we’re talking about combination of furniture, we have to see what would probably suit activities done in the room best, and match these with the room. Not only skewered to beauty, but also to deep into practicality of selected furniture.

    Most chairs and tables you find out there in furniture shops or supplier stores are capable of handling their own sciences, as they’re built based on a particular standard set by a group of people who performs study, collect surveys and provides a particular standard to it. However, at some point, not all tables and chairs that look good with your theme can fit in there. You’ll have to look at your target market. Are your consumers mainly locals? Also, look at the flow of your restaurant. Will there be a section for cigar smoking, wine appreciation, private rooms, dining halls, etc?

  4. Design and Pattern

    Design and pattern should be lasting enough for the room – And that doesn’t die easily, which collaborates well with the theme, offers a prestigeous moment and a trampling effect on their feelings. Lighting would be best looked into at this point, but stay on with us in seating first.

  5. Leg Rests

    Decide for yourself if you need a leg rest for your seating. Cloths which are covered by seats would hinder the leg from getting a sweet spot, whereas low seating can hurt the backbone if the leg is not allowed to rest in an L-shaped motion. Having a leg rest at the bottom part of your table isn’t going to hurt much, but for space reasons, leave the leg rests to the chairs. This part will play a big role in determining furniture for quick to medium quick meal restaurants.

  6. Flexibility

    Flexibility here could mean sitting in many ways where a customer wouldn’t feel too straight – That’s why some seating tilts a little to the back. Not only that, arm rests and also the ability of the chair to fully or partially support the back is crucial. Being flexible could help much in increasing the feel of your customers – Particularly when they’re fussy.


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