Restaurant Blunders – Faux Pas


Keep an eye on: These.

In many of our experiences, including mine and yours, we should’ve seen many blurps and blunders in restaurants and coffee shops alike: They have some errors that you may not want to follow, as these are common blurps and blunders that will annoy customers. Just like you and me, when that little problem goes on and on again, there is a particular annoyance to it. And when you can’t keep an eye out of it, you’re going to get it. 

Unstable Tables and Chairs

We in the kitchen can still live up to unstable pots and pans, or foods being place on top of each other, ready to fall anytime. But it’s a bad repo for your guests. Remember that not everything has to be perfect, but solving little problems like these go a long way. When there are such problems, replace that empty space with something appropriate, or replace the table with a new one if the damage is bad. Often, uneven/dirty tabletops are presented on a tablecloth-covered table. This may be your move in terms of reducing cost when you’re starting a restaurant, but replace immediately once you have the budget. Place this into the FIXED COST budget. 

Cracked/Broken Glassware/Clayware

It’s everyone’s responsibility to check for cracked or broken plates, serving gear or so forth. Cutleries serves as a direct support product to the food you’re serving. Not only it’s dangerous and may hurt your customer, you are also giving a bad service should there be any of such. Do not attempt to use any of these anymore, especially when the damage done is to the mouth’s top rims, cracked bottom or slightly broken topside. In an unfortunate event, the cutlery’s pieces may fall off and cut someone.

Reviving Broken Foods

During a buffet, the runner plays a very important role in ensuring customers get the best of both worlds – Quality food and great service. In events of mishaps like WILTED lettuces or hot dish turned cold, or the inset falls or mixed with other foods, or maybe food runs out – The runner provides information to the kitchen staff while he/she takes care of the buffet line. Revive your broken foods – And your customers will be happier at the end of the day.

Serve Underseasoned Foods

There are many kitchens out there who do not practice this simple commercial food handling basic – When you’re catering to the public, always provide alternative seasoning methods for your guests. Keep your food underseasoned, then explain that these foods are underseasoned. Keep hot foods hot, cold foods cold, alternative seasoning methods which are manual and practical (don’t serve huge sea salt particles to customers having Caesar Salad). 

Broken Interiors vs Broken Impressions

For a first timer, you must always ensure that their first experience is delightful. Broken interiors are as bad as a smack on the face – They give horrible impressions to first timers and could even start questioning you. Hygiene, order of furniture, theme, design and also uneven arrangement could also be customer’s questions when you’re talking to them. Be prepared. Interiors express themselves, so don’t let the first ‘good’ impression fail by turning your customer off.

Dirty Cushion, Torn Pillow Casing and Unwashed Sofas

In a club, it’s advisable to not put your face against its pillows – A common saying here in Malaysia. One of the public’s biggest fears are to go near pillows in clubs – They contain traces of vomit or liquid (whatever liquid it may be). Make sure that materials that you use for your restaurant is not something difficult and expensive to clean – It should be enough to just supplement everyday wipes and weekly accidents that might happen. Also, regularly check your cushion interiors for (not only dirt and dust but also) stains, hidden trash (like gum) and tears.

Common Hidden Rims and Edges for Nest/Dirt

Unlike kitchens and dining areas in the house, it’s constantly kept clean (or I suppose so). Among famous places that usually collect trash are: Edges to where cutleries are kept, like plates in the heater, baskets that are placed on top of shelves, cabinet edges, bottom part of tables, bartender’s rack holding alcoholic beverages, wine room’s shelves, chiller room’s racks, etc.


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  1. 1 LEEA

    what should U do when you overseason a dish with salt.

    Nita Lee

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